FSA Webinar Series

Low E Valve Sealing
'How Will New Regulations Affect Your Plant?'
On-Demand Event
Webinar -- On-Line

Right now in North America major regulatory changes are happening in regards to sealing valves in Low Emissions service. This webinar discusses the regulations and the challenges that industry is facing to curb methane and fugitive emissions; including an insight into the new EPA methane rules.

The FSA is proud to offer this 1.5 hour webinar that will give solid information about the coming wave of changes to meet regulatory requirements for valve sealing. Valves are recognized as one of the primary sources of emissions leakage and this webinar will focus on the relationship between valve and valve packing and the adoption of best available technologies and correct installation practices.

The Speakers:
Phil Mahoney, Vice President, Fluid Sealing Association
Ron Frisard, Vice Chair of Packing Division, Fluid Sealing Association

The webinar was recorded on January 25th, 2016. The cost of to view this webinar on-demand is $50.00.

To get more information, click on the link below to send an email to the FSA Office. You will be sent a PayPal link for payment and credentials with which to view the content.

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The Fundamentals of Bolting for Gasketed Joints
On-Demand Event
Webinar -- On-Line

One of the most misunderstood issues in industry today is correct bolt loading for flanges. There are many fables and half-truths that are passed on to new maintenance people that can result in a leaking joint. The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) is a manufacturer-based resource thats charter is educating industry including the correct methods of bolt tightening to ensuring a sound connection.

The FSA is proud to offer "The Fundamentals of Bolting for Gasketed Joints" as a 1.5 hour webinar that will give solid information including the following:

- Best bolting practices

- Anti-seize effects on gasket loading

- Calculating gasket loads

- Step-by-step determination of a torque value

The Speakers:

Ron Frisard, Vice Chair of Gasket Division, Fluid Sealing Association

Chett Norton, Technical Chair of Gasket Division, Fluid Sealing Association

The webinar takes place live on March 22nd, 2016, at 2:00 EST. The cost of this interactive webinar is $50.00. If you cannot make the live version, we will have a recorded version on the FSA website to view on demand.

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Compression Packing
'Modern Technology in an Ageless Product'
On-Demand Event
Webinar-- On-Line

Learn how a traditional sealing method has been updated and renewed to fulfill today’s requirements in terms of performance and emission control. This three part webinar series provides extensive coverage of a wide range of topics including the latest technical improvements in packing materials and construction and their performance parameters. From proper selection for applications to safe installation best practices, trouble shooting and environmental control, the course provides practical and factual information. Packing for valves, pumps and a variety of specialty equipment are reviewed. Methods of packing manufacture and function are described, and technical references including standards will be discussed. This is directed to a broad range of audiences including plant maintenance, engineering and operations. It is also useful for manufacturers of OEM equipment and distributors charged with technical support in a wide range of industries.

*Session 1 (On Demand): Materials and Methods of Construction
*Session 2 (On Demand): Equipment types and Installation Methods Using Compression Packing
*Session 3 (On Demand): Standards and Regulations for Compression Packing

* Sessions 1, 2 and 3 available on demand.

Price: $50.00 each

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