Pump Engineer Interviews Henri Azibert, FSA Technical Director

The October 2015 issue of Pump Engineer features an interview with Henri Azibert, the Technical Director for the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA).

Pump Engineer:  What is your background and how did you first become involved in the FSA?

Henri Azibert: I worked for one company for many years. I worked for Chesterton where I was involved with their mechanical seal product lines and then their mechanical packing product lines in the engineering group for three decades. While there, I ended up being the representative for the company at the FSA. Then, I started to work at the different levels, on the different committees, and held various positions.

I’ve also been involved in several other organizations and committees, including American Petroleum Institute (API), where I was on a task force on mechanical seals for the API 682 standard.  I’ve also been involved with the Hydraulic Institute (HI), I’ve been on the advisory committee for the Pump Symposium and then, of course, the FSA. And because the FSA is closely tied with the European Sealing Association (ESA), I’ve been involved in a number of joint projects there as well.

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