Update from the FSA’s Mechanical Seals Division

The FSA’s Mechanical Seals Division has prepped and loaded about 90% of their Sealing Sense articles into the KnowledgeBase (fsaknowledgebase.org). In response to user requests, 12 documents in the KnowledgeBase have been identified to be translated into Spanish and the translation work is about 60% complete. Additional requests have been received from Brazil for Portuguese translations but these have not yet been started. The Life Cycle Costing Calculator (LCC) has been updated to adjust the formulas associated with compression packing performance. The Mechanical Seals Division presented a short course at the Turbomachinery show in Houston in September 2018. The API 682 committee has been reconvened to prepare a new edition of this document but there has been little activity to date. The Hydraulic Institute has also begun efforts to update their Mechanical Seal Handbook.