Mechanical Seals Blog

"In alignment with the overall mission of the FSA, its Mechanical Seal Division seeks to be recognized by customers, regulatory bodies, and FSA member companies as the primary source of technical information for sealing solutions and their application in all matters relating to standards and education. Through our efforts, we will enhance the reliability and effectivity of this critical technology."    

Updates to FSA’s KnowledgeBase

The online FSA KnowledgeBase was officially launched in May 2017 as part of the FSA’s mission to be “. . . the primary source of technical information” for the fluid sealing industry’s products and their applications. This marked the transition from a print-based handbook focus to an online focus for training and education resources. At launch, the KnowledgeBase contained approximately 35 pieces of content and videos across seven categories of mechanical seal subject matter. Since that time, the FSA has expanded and improved the site content, which now has more than 230 files on mechanical seals, expansion joints, and an archive of “Sealing Sense” articles spanning the full range of FSA topics. There are more than 750 registered users, and the site has tracked nearly 5,000 online sessions from that user base.

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