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Expansion Joint Division – FSA Annual Meeting 2017

On October 26, in Fort Worth, Texas, the Expansion Joint Division will be discussing the activities of the Ducting Technical Committee, which includes reviewing of material properties and specifications and guideline for application and selection. The Piping Technical Committee will discuss the updated technical handbook and educational activities and opportunities. The Division overall will continue their discussion on combining the Ducting and Piping Divisions and goals moving forward, including a membership drive and promotion of the FSA.

What are the most important considerations before and after ordering a nonmetallic expansion joint?

Nonmetallic expansion joints for piping systems are often neglected when planning ahead for an upcoming outage or standard preventative maintenance plan. They are a product that seems to fall between what
is typically defined as an engineered item and a commodity item. Therefore, there always seems to be a scramble at the time of replacement.

Some important considerations before ordering an expansion joint for replacement should be:
• What is the visual condition of the joint? Is there cracking, leaking, soft spots, etc.?
• What is the age of the joint?
• What are the physical dimensions (face-to-face, angular, lateral or torsional offset)?
• What are the service conditions of the application (media, temperature, pressure and movement)?

These are all important to consider and can be determined by a good field survey. A complete field survey can save money and grief during and after installation, including future down time. Visual examination of the joint being replaced and its length of service provide insight for selection of the best replacement. For example, damage from chemical attack, over elongation and premature deterioration can signal the need for changes in materials or design.

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