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FSA Responds to ICF Report

(October 5, 2015) – A new report by leading energy industry consultancy ICF International (ICF) released today found that emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane from the Canadian oil and gas sector can be reduced by 45% below projected 2020 levels, all while using existing, proven and cost-effective technologies. As the leading trade association that represents sealing device manufacturers, the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) recognizes the importance of addressing this issue. Emissions of methane represent the waste of a valuable Canadian energy resource, with additional negative implications for the environment and local community air quality.

“The Fluid Sealing Association values the contribution this report makes in increasing understanding, both of Canadian oil and gas methane emissions and of the tremendous opportunities today for Canadian firms to tighten operations. We stand ready to help companies better control methane emissions, using the latest sealing device technology to reduce leaks,” said Mike Shorts, President of the Fluid Sealing Association and Vice President and General Manager of Triangle Fluid Controls, a Canada-based manufacturer of sealing products.

“As one of many service companies that work to capture methane emissions, this is an issue we can fix. Let’s keep methane where it belongs – in the pipe instead of the air.”

The FSA is well equipped to work with industry on emissions control solutions and is a technical resource for best available technologies for curtailing fugitive emissions. Member companies of the FSA represent an array of sealing technology solutions that can enable emission reductions across the Canadian oil and gas and process industry sectors.

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