Expansion Joints Repository Added to KnowledgeBase

The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) has expanded its online technical resource, FSA KnowledgeBase, to include an Expansion Joints Repository. Anyone who has an interest in improving their knowledge of ducting non-metallic or piping system design and the best practices for their selection, installation, maintenance, and operation is encouraged to reference KnowledgeBase as their primary source of information. KnowledgeBase is accessible at fsaknowledgebase.org or through the FSA website at fluidsealing.com.

By choosing “Browse Library” in the Expansion Joints Repository, the user is able to access content from the Ducting Systems Non-Metallic Expansion Joint Technical Handbook, 4th Edition, and the Expansion Joints – Piping Technical Handbook, Edition 8.0, as well as the FSA Expansion Joints standards, Sealing Sense articles, and Glossary of Terms. PowerPoint presentations on a wide variety of subjects related to expansion joints are also available, including such topics as:

    • Design Considerations and Criteria
    • Expansion Joint Animations
    • Flexible Rubber Connectors
    • Installation, Commissioning, and Inspection
    • How to Troubleshoot Expansion Joint Failures
    • Interface Considerations
    • Performance Characteristics
    • Quality Management
    • Expansion Joint Accessories

This content includes the latest information in research, design, and installation of ducting and piping expansion joints by engineers associated with the Expansion Joint Division member companies in the FSA.

The FSA is the leading source for technical information on fluid sealing and containment products and their application. They work to influence, support, educate, and raise awareness on products and issues within the industry, develop related standards, and provide education in the fluid sealing area.

The FSA is continuing to develop, format and publish new content to the KnowledgeBase, so all users are encouraged to visit the KnowledgeBase often to access the latest submissions.