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Expansion Joints – Ducting:

Ducting Systems Non-Metallic Expansion Joint Technical Handbook, 4th Edition Ducting Systems Non-Metallic Expansion Joint Technical HandbookThis book created to give both the designed and the user of flue gas ducting systems a better understanding of non-metallic expansion joints and a means of evaluating the various products on the market. The handbook describes in detail the applications and capabilities of non-metallic joints; provides information on standardized expansion joints and outlines the basic engineering concepts that are involved. It provides information on materials used plus many other sections organized to help in the design and specifying on non-metallic expansion joints. This handbook provides the basis for working intelligently with manufacturers to solve problems and to select the proper products for given applications.
©2010, 45 Pages.

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Fabric Expansion Joints – Installation Guide, rev 2 Fabric Expansion Joints - Installation Guide, rev 2This publication is sponsored by the members of the Expansion Joint Division of the European Sealing Association in cooperation with the German RAL Quality Assurance Association and the Fluid Sealing Association. It provides best practices for the final installation of non-metallic ducting expansion joint components. FSA documents that provide further details on installation and storage are cited.
©2007, 8 Pages.

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Expansion Joints – Piping:

Non-Metallic Piping Expansion Joint Installation Procedures Non-Metallic Piping Expansion Joint Installation ProceduresThis document provides guidance to maintenance operators and engineers to ensure that the installation of an expansion joint meets or exceeds system requirements. As a primer, it is intended to complement other plant-approved installation procedures.
©2015, 4 Pages.

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Expansion Joints – Piping Technical Handbook, 8.0 Edition Expansion Joints - Piping Technical Handbook, 8.0 Edition
This eighth edition of the handbook provides updated compilations of construction standards and guides for specifying and purchasing non-metallic expansion joints and flexible pipe connectors. It is based on the latest experience in research, design and application of rubber (elastomer) expansion joints by engineers associated with the Expansion Joint – Piping Division member companies of the FSA. The publication is intended to be a reference source of information and data for engineers who design and install piping systems. It provides guidance on design and selection of material and proper installation. This handbook is not intended to serve as a guide for design of piping systems. It historically has been widely used in customer inquiries as a reference for expansion joint design and performance standards. ©2016, 52 pages.

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Expansion Joints – Ducting

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Expansion Joints – Ducting:

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Expansion Joints – Piping:

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February 2017 – FSA Publishes 8th Edition of the Piping Expansion Joints Handbook

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