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Inertech, Inc. (YMT) has become one of the world leaders in providing high quality, performance-oriented gasketing and sealing products and technologies. INERTEX expanded PTFE products are made of 100% virgin Teflon resin from DuPont. They are produced under the protection of U.S. patent #5,098,625 in our ISO 9002 certified facility; they are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories; INERTEX products meet the most stringent of high purity standards per the SEMASPEC 92010934B-STD; and they are FDA suitable. Most recently, Inertech, Inc. and INERTEX products were part of an extensive Industry wide, two year testing program that included most PTFE gasketing products in the marketplace. These tests clearly showed that INERTEX provides the user with the tightest possible sealing products. All INERTEX products share the same excellent properties with a temperature range of -450 degrees F to 600 degrees F, a pressure range from full vacuum to 3,000 psi, chemical compatibility throughout the pH range of 0 to 14, and less creep and cold flow than other expanded PTFE products. The INERTEX family of products now includes the following: (* designates new products) INERTEX SQ-S Gasket Sheet INERTEX SQ-S "V" Rigid Gasket Sheet INERTEX SQ-S "Huge" Gasket Sheet (77" x 77") INERTEX EZ-Seal Insertable Gaskets *INERTEX Inermet Insertable Gaskets with Metal Insert INERTEX "LTC" and "LTC-NR" Low Torque Gaskets for FRP Piping INERTEX UHF Gasket Tape *INERTEX Diasheet for AOD Diaphragm Pumps INERTEX Valve Stem Packing *INERTEX SWGT Spiral Wound Gasket Filler Tape *INERTEX Maxtape Premium Grade Thread Seal Tape INERTEX Standard Thread Seal Tape