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Gasket Handbook, 1st Edition
Gasket Handbook, 1st EditionSuccessfully sealing a bolted flange connection is dependent on all components of a well-designed system working together, effectively and safely. This handbook provides technical information on gaskets as a constituent part of a bolted flange connection, typically employed in chemical, petrochemical, refinery, power plant and other industrial facilities. It includes guidance to plant engineers on specifying gaskets; maintenance operators on installing and trouble-shooting bolted flange connection leaks, as well as purchasing personnel on the important functional distinctions between various gasket types.

Contents include definition of mechanical considerations for a bolted flange connection, important considerations for flanges, fasteners, and installation best practices, with a focus on gasket selection and gasket-to-flange system interaction. Gasket storage and handling also are addressed. This handbook is arranged and detailed to serve as a useful tool for those who presently use or are interested in using gaskets.

©2017, 138 pages.

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Metallic Gasketing Technical Handbook, 3rd Edition
Metallic Gasketing Technical HandbookThis handbook was prepared by the FSA to assist designers, engineers and maintenance personnel in the selection of correct metallic and metallic composite gasketing materials for a wide range of applications and also to aid in their proper installation and maintenance for efficient service.
©2001, 19 Pages.

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FSA/ESA Gasket Installation Procedures – Assuring Joint Integrity and Maximum Safety
Gasket Installation ProceduresThis laminated, pocket-sized document provides guidance to maintenance operators, engineers, and fitters to ensure successful gasket installation and assembly of bolted flange connections. It is intended to complement other plant-approved installation procedures.

©2001, 12 Pages.

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FSA/ESA Guidelines for Safe Seal Usage – Flanges & Gaskets, Part 1
FSA/ESA Guidelines for Safe Seal Usage - Flanges & Gaskets, Part 1This document has been prepared for use by original equipment manufacturers, engineering contractors and end users. It is focused on solutions to the typical challenges faced by maintenance engineers and fitters responsible for pipe and equipment connections involving flanges and gaskets. The document aims to provide the reader with a series of guidelines for the safe usage of sealing components, in order to ensure maximum performance of the seal under service conditions.

Available in English and Spanish.
©1998, 40 Pages.

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ESA/FSA Glossary of Sealing Terms
FSA/ESA Glossary of Sealing Terms The Glossary aims to provide the reader with a comprehensive background to terms used in describing aspects of sealing terminology, allowing the user access to technical considerations involved in safe and reliable sealing.
©2009, 68 Pages.

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