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Technical Resources

Flange Sealing Installation Best Practices

Flange leakage in emissions service can result in loss production and money. If a plant is going to reduce emissions at a plant, one important step that is often overlooked is procedures of flange sealing. This training focuses on the best practices for successful flange sealing including gasket seating stresses, torque calculations, and gasket selection.

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Valve Installation Best Practices for Fugitive Emissions Service
This training will focus on identifying best practices in regards to valve packing installation in downstream emissions service. The best valve packing installed incorrectly will not ensure compliance to LDAR requirements. It is imperative that a plant have a serious, focused, approach to this important subject.

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Sealing Systems Matter

New Improved Mechanical Seal Life Cycle Cost Estimator
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Mechanical Seals
December 2023
Reducing Seal Water Consumption in Pulp & Paper Processes
November 2023
Flange Sealing of Vacuum & the Magdeburg Hemispheres
Pump & Valve Packings
October 2023
Navigating Frayed Ends in Mechanical Packings
Expansion Joints
September 2023
Incorporating Elastomeric Joints in Pipe Stress Analysis

Technical Publications

FSA/ESA Pump & Valve Packing Installation Procedures – Assuring Effective Sealing and Maximum Safety
ESA/FSA Glossary of Sealing Terms
Expansion Joints – Piping Technical Handbook, 8.1 Edition

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