Resource Description: Diagnosing Gasket Failures (Chapter 5 of the Gasket Manual). The gasket is but one of many reasons a bolted flange joint connection can leak. Even when all the complex inter-related components of a bolted joint flange connection work in perfect harmony, the single most important factor leading to success or failure of that bolted flange connection, will be giving attention to the proper installation and assembly procedures by the person installing the gasket. If done properly, the assembly will remain leak-free for the target life expectancy.

• Under Loading of the Gasket

• Uneven Compression of the Gasket

• Over Compression of the Gasket

• Re-use/Double Compression

• Not Enough Conformability/Compressibility to Fill Flange Irregularities

• Chemical Attack of the Gasket

• Hardening of Elastomers

• Lubrication Used on a Gasket’s Surface

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Author(s): Fluid Sealing Association® — Gaskets

Date Created: Nov-2021

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