Thorburn Flex, Inc

165, Oneida
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1A9
Phone: 514-695-8710/800-363-6613
Fax: 514-695-8716

Since its conception 50 years ago, Thorburn has become a world leader in the design and manufacturing of custom engineered metallic and non-metallic expansion joints. Operating under a strategy of global presence in the Petrochemical and Power Generating Industries, Thorburn is structured to consistently meet and exceed customers expectations in quality, value and service. Thorburn offers unmatched capabilities and expertise in applications, Engineering, Design and Manufacturing of leading end flexible piping and ducting systems. Targeting Thorburn's resources allows its core technology to be leveraged into hundreds of demanding applications. Examples of Thorburn products and services are found in... Combined Cycles: Gas Turbine Exhaust, HRSG Inlet and Outlet, Penetration Seals, Steam Turbine Condenser Expansion Joints, Steam Piping, etc. Coal Fire Boilers: Flue Gas Desulphurization and Pollution Abatement Systems, CFB High Temperature Bed Transfer and Loop seal Expansion Joints, Primary and Secondary Air Ducting Systems, Fuel Chutes Systems, Cyclone Roof Corrugated Seals, High Pressure Steam Piping, etc. Site Services: Thorburn has provided on site installation and commissioning supervision, problem solving and debugging assistance to our clients worldwide. Our company is known by its products but our success is the result of our employees' and partners' combined capabilities build value and work toward excellence to keep our customers satisfied.