Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KG

Werkstrasse 2
Lenzing, AUSTRIA 4860
Phone: 43-7672-33000-2710

Lenzing Plastics is a major producer of PTFE yarns for compression packings. Our yarns are produced in Lenzing, Austria using our patented "Split Peeling" process. Lenzing Plastics can provide packing manufacturers with both highly oriented white and graphited PTFE filament yarns for excellent extrusion resistance and dimensional stability as well as with graphite and talc filled expanded (ePTFE) yarns which offer more resilience and conformability. Superior packings often use a combination of both filament and expanded PTFE yarns. Special grades are available for food and drug applications as well as for oxygen service. Highly thermostable P-84 polyimide yarns combine outstanding chemical performance with superior pressure resistance and offer excellent sealability with minimal shaft wear. Lenzing Plastics is the only PTFE yarn producer worldwide only offering yarn and not readymade packings, so we are the perfect partner for the braiding industry. Lenzing Plastics also produces high tenacity PTFE filament yarns, sewing threads and staple fibers under the tradename "Profilen". Profilen yarns are used in a wide area starting from industrial filtration applications, fishing lines and ropes, ending in functional textiles for skin protection in sports and medical applications. Finally we even produce yarns for permantent implants. So Lenzing Plastics is an innovative and reliable partner for the textile converting industry in braiding, weaving, sewing and knitting.