Lien Foo (Dongtai) Rubber & Metal Products Co.

No. 8, Beida Street, Xinyuan Industrial District
Tangyang Town
Dongtai City, Jiangsu 224200
Phone: 86-515-8566-0968
Fax: 86-515-8566-0966

Lien Foo, established in 1961 in Taiwan, was the first company producing bridge expansion joints, pad bearing system for bridge construction and rubber pipeline expansion joint. Our LINKFLEX logo, created by Mr. Xin Chung, our first and former director, was registered in 1983 in Taiwan. Now, Lien Foo concentrates primarily on producing rubber expansion joint. Under the leadership of Mr. Lien Fu (Foo) Chung, our current director, we are very active in research and development of current and new products. We have the following certifications and reports: Garwood Environmental Laboratory (Cycling Test Report), DNV Type Approval, LR Type Approval, WRAS Certification, KTW Certification, Food Grade Elastomer (Tested by SGS), ISO 9001 : 2008. We are continuing to apply for more certifications. We will keep growing, continue to produce top quality products and look forward to serving your needs worldwide.