Morgan Advanced Materials

441 Hall Ave
St. Mary's, PA 15857
Phone: 814-781-1573
Fax: 814-781-9249

Testing: Morgan Advanced Material's global tribology and mechanical testing facility includes multiple mechanical seal test rigs, rotary vane pumps, bearing, blister, block-on- ring, and ring- on- disc testers. Also, the labs include microstructure analysis capability, forensics, metrology equipment, oxidation testing, and mechanical properties including modulus testing. Company: Morgan AM&T is a global supplier of engineered material components of carbon, graphite, and silicon carbide for mechanical seal faces, radial and thrust bearings, rotors, vanes, valve seats, metering components, piston rings, segmented and packing rings and other rotating or reciprocating equipment components. Morgan AM&T also serve select structural component markets for wear, and high or very low temperature service, along with advanced ceramic armor plates for ballistics protection. The company operates facilities in 14 countries and prides themselves in being a global company with local service. Premier materials, application engineering and the capability to manufacture from one off quantities to millions of components to exacting dimensions and specifications are the company's key strengths. Markets: Morgan AM&T served markets include all industrial process industries, aircraft and aerospace, commercial equipment, automotive, medical, nuclear, marine and defense. Brand names include Pure Carbon, Carbon Technology (CTI), National, Morganite, EBN, Purebide and Purebon.