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Compression Packing — Regulations/Standards

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Compression Packing Technical Manual, 4rd Edition
Compression Packing Technical Manual, 3rd EditionThis comprehensive revision of the Guidelines for the Use of Compression Packings is a joint publication of the Fluid Sealing Association and the European Sealing Association. It provides extensive coverage of a wide range of topics including the latest technological improvement in packing materials and construction and their performance parameters. From proper selection for applications to safe installation best practices, trouble shooting and environmental control, the manual provides practical, factual information. Packings for valves, pumps and a variety of other specialty equipment are reviewed. The Manual is a reference document for a broad range of personnel including plant maintenance, engineering and operations. It also is useful for manufacturers of OEM equipment and distributors charged with technical support in a wide range of industries. Methods of packing manufacture and function are described and technical references, including standards, are listed. The publication is arranged and colorfully illustrated to serve as a useful tool for those who presently use or are interested in using compression packing.
Available in English. ©2018, 126 Pages.

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FSA/ESA Pump & Valve Packing Installation Procedures – Assuring Effective Sealing and Maximum Safety (FSA0002) FSA/ESA Pump & Valve Packing Installation Procedures - Assuring Effective Sealing and Maximum SafetyThis laminated, pocket-sized document provides guidance to maintenance operators, engineers, and fitters to ensure a successful packing installation. Format is similar to the very successful FSA/ESA Gasket Installation Procedures pamphlet (Item #24). As a primer, it is intended to complement other plant-approved installation procedures.
Available in 5 languages including: English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. ©2003, 16 Pages.

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Sealing Sense Articles — Pump & Valve Packings

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