Successfully sealing a bolted flange connection is dependent on all components of a well-designed system working together, effectively and safely. This handbook provides technical information on gaskets as a constituent part of a bolted flange connection, typically employed in chemical, petrochemical, refinery, power plant and other industrial facilities. It includes guidance to plant engineers on specifying gaskets; maintenance operators on installing and trouble-shooting bolted flange connection leaks, as well as purchasing personnel on the important functional distinctions between various gasket types.

Contents include definition of mechanical considerations for a bolted flange connection, important considerations for flanges, fasteners, and installation best practices, with a focus on gasket selection and gasket-to-flange system interaction. Gasket storage and handling also are addressed. This handbook is arranged and detailed to serve as a useful tool for those who presently use or are interested in using gaskets.

©2017, 138 pages.