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EagleBurgmann Expansion Joint Solutions develops, designs, manufactures, and installs a full range of fabric and metal expansion joints for e.g. conventional power stations, gas turbine and combined cycle systems, desulphurization systems, offshore installations, etc. Our range of highly engineered multi-layer fabric expansion joints operate at temperatures of up to 1400 degrees C. (2552 degrees F). We offer individual as well as package solutions involving engineering, testing, expansion joints with bolster, baffle, steel components, and turnkey installation. Our design and manufacturing procedures are documented in our quality management system, approved to the international standard of ISO 9001 and the German 'RAL' Gutezeichen. Proven technology in materials and design, references from more than 50 years in the industry, and a committed & experienced work force put focus on building long-term customer relationships with reliable solutions and quality service.