Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.

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Belleville, ON K8N 5S7
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Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. is a market-driven and technology-based company serving customers throughout the world with innovative fluid sealing products and services. Durlon® sealing products provide reliability, cost savings and process safety improvements in a wide range of demanding applications. Durlon® sealing products include Compressed Non-Asbestos, PTFE, and Flexible Graphite Sheet Gasketing, Semi-Metallic Gaskets and finished Gaskets (Durlon® CFG, Durlon® RCA, Durlon® Durtec®). The wide range of high quality products are marketed to industrial, chemical process, pulp & paper, and refineries where severe services demand superior performance. All products are manufactured following a registered ISO 9001 quality system ensuring the end user of conformance, uniformity, and reliability. Durlon® Sealing products have the widest possible range of service applications, therefore, the number of different types of gaskets required to be inventoried can be greatly reduced. This impacts process safety because limiting the number of gasket styles reduces the change of installing the wrong gasket in the wrong service. For these reasons, more and more original equipment manufacturers and industrial consumers are specifying Durlon® gasket materials for their needs. Our state-of-the-art research and development facility is geared to meet the ever changing demands required in today's variety of service conditions. Since their inception, Durlon® gasket materials have undergone many enhancements, each incorporating the latest technology to better meet the wide variety of industry's changing needs. In 2011 Triangle Fluid Controls launched the industry's first smartphone app for mobile gasket selection called iGasket. The app resides on the users phone and does not require network connectivity which allows gasket selection to occur in remote locations or areas were wireless service is unavailable. iGasket is available for most current smartphones running on the BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android platforms. An upcoming new release of the app will provide the availability to directly connect (when services permit) with authorized Durlon® distributors in the immediate service area of the user. Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. recognizes that today more emphasis is being placed on fugitive emissions via the Clean Air Act in Canada and the United States, as well as various regulations in other countries. One of our prime design objectives is to maximize the sealability of our gasket materials to meet fugitive emission requirements.